Kleur de toekomst in Malang


Dimas Hermanto

Middelbare scholier

Greetings miss to mrs Iik, Mrs. Maria, Mr. Yop and the Donors in the Netherlands, how are you? Hopefully everything in the dutch is good and healthy and I will tell you my first entry and my daily activities at BAKTI KASIH Orphanage and a very unique and funny experience
My name is Dimas hermanto I was born on May 1, 2004 I am 14 Years old, I am now in grade 7 going up to grade 8 school in ADVENT.
I entered the institution of Bakti Kasih Institution on June 16, 2017 first entered the institution of Bakti Kasih I am very sad because very far against my parents,
When I left my parents, I cried, then I thought if I went back to the village I would not be happy for both parents. After I thought I was happy and did not become sad, after that I and my friends were given the division of bedroom, picket and other work with Pak Buyung, Mrs. Hana and Mrs. Fadjar after being given the job I and Friends do, and every day in the morning we pray together singing, meditating on the Word and praying praying: Donors, Mrs. Fadjar, Our Parents, Our Activities, and Needs at the Lokon and after our prayer pickets Together as scheduled picket, after we picket we take a shower for school preparation. after we returned home our picket even though my body is tired but I do the picket because it is my responsibility and after my picket I take a shower to prepare for study, after I learn I watch tv, and sleep so that my body is not tired.
         Every Sunday we go together to church to praise and meditate on the Word of God. I had a very funny experience: at the time my bath and my friends did not know that the floor was slippery because the floor was exposed to soapy water after I put my soap slipping and my feet went into the wc hole and my friends laughed and I also had one story which is funny again: when I wear a friend there are friends behind me, I think my friends want to take a shower and it turns out my friends opened meuk and I am naked. This letter I thank you, Lord Jesus bless Amen.

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