Kleur de toekomst in Malang


Putri Diana Wati

Middelbare scholier

GREETINGS ; To donors and How are you?
Mam Iik, mam Maria, Sir Yop, and other Donors in the Netherlands. Through this letter I would like to introduce myself and my daily life at the Lokon.
Date of birth; 10 JANUARY 2003
My age; 15 years
I come from Pujiharjo Village, Tirtoyudo District, South MALANG Regency, East Java Province.
           I am a new kid at the newly admitted on May 13, 2018. My name is PUTRI DIANA WATI used to call PUTRI, I want to tell my daily life first enter at the Lokon, first enter at my sad I remember because the family in the village but I should be able to get used to in order to go to school and raise my parents degree. In Lokon I have to get up early to run my usual picket pick up at 4:35 if my cooking schedule do not  help to cook  friends in cooking kitchen sometimes also to sweet and mopping ago if it is 5: 00 all gathered time bell in to ring for morning prayer finished Morning Prayer went to market time went to market with Bu Fadjar and child who schedule to market, friends at home ready to go to school there is a bath, prepare supplies after finished children leave school so if we come home from the market
The children had left after the children had left in the quiet house after returning from my market and the other new children helped Mrs. Fadjar cook like peeled onion, scraped coconut, washed dishes, sweats, and helped the others finish cooking soon afterwards go home from school, all the children rest a bit and then eat after we all clean up at home together like sweeping, mopping, watering plants. I will tell my funny experience on 30 May 2018 Morning all the children have gone to school I and another new child help Mrs. Fadjar cook, I have a friend whose name is Joshua he does not help cook even watch TV until he fell asleep my friend Linda slipit Joshua give me face cream to his face anyway Joshua then same two my friend whose name Linda and Wulan in love salt his mouth Joshua but still makeo.”s mouth water sleep and then in love again until the third time still Joshua wake up and m direction-angry and not bravo sleep again. umpteenth story and my funny experience in the Lokon.
          I would like to thank all the donors in the Netherlands because I am received in this BAKTI KASIH INSTITUTE I am grateful because there are still children who are not as fortunate as me once again I thank you God always bless the donors and Stichting MALANG Haleluya

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