Kleur de toekomst in Malang


Julius Kristawan

Good night, apologize so far I rarely give news, since in Indonesia at this time of the night, then I took the time to write a letter containing some of my activities. My name is Julius Kristiawan, at the moment I am sitting on my 5th semester lecture and soon I will graduate if there are no obstacles. My current activities are still busy with lectures and soon I will practice out for mental nursing courses. My practice this time is a practice that has almost entered the final stage of all courses taught. We are currently required to be able to understand people with mental disorders, so that if we are later placed in an unusual condition we will be ready. That may be things about campus that I can tell, actually there are many more just that I am confused about how to explain it, we entered starting at 7:00 a.m. and came home at 7:00 p.m., it was tiring indeed we just had to live it to get a degree so we could compete to work.
My activities at home at Lokon street were almost like the old ones, we woke up every 5:00 to pray and after that we went through our activities as usual, the difference is that since I have gone to college I was given a little freedom in carrying out daily tasks, we were put into reserve pickets, because assignments we are different from friends who are in high school or middle school. The rest is treated equally.
Oh, how's it going there? I hope the news from those who have gone to great lengths to send us to school is well and always blessed by God. Our conditions here are all fine. We hope that people in the Netherlands can come to Indonesia just to visit us, we also feel very happy when the arrival of someone who has helped us.
Maybe that's all I can say from home on Lokon Street. Warm greetings from me.
Sorry also if my English is limited, the rest I translate using the translator application hehehe.
Malang, September 19, 2018

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